Portable Enail Battery Pack

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Take your ShatterBox E-Nail on a trip with this portable battery pack! Whether you’re camping, at the beach or hiking through the mountains, you can now have the convenience and efficiency of an e nail wherever you go...

  • 27000mAh portable power outlet that will provide constant heat to the heating coil for 2-3 hours.
  • 3-prong AC power outlet supplies power to your ShatterBox E-Nail or any other enail or appliance that is 100w or less, max!
  • 3 usb charging ports allow you and your friends can also charge your favorite accessories(phone, iPod, etc...)


    The Portable E-Nail Battery Pack comes with the following:

    1 x Portable Battery Pack 27000mAh
    1 x Carrying Case
    1 x Mesh Carrying Bag
    1 x Power Adaptor
    1 x Micro USB Cable (Long)
    1 x Micro USB Cable (Short)
    1 x User Guide

    (ShatterBox E-Nail Is SOLD SEPARATELY)

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