Quartz E-Banger
Complete Enail Kit

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The ShatterBox E-Nail™ heats up quickly in less than 2 minutes to keep those temps low! This low-power enail is the perfect addition to any collection. Control the temperature of your nail with ease and never be stuck guessing again!

The Quartz E-Banger features 3mm Extra Thick quartz for better heat retention, especially at low temps.


We can add any pics, logos, decals, texts, etc... to the top, both sides, the back and the bottom as well as wrap the whole box with any background you choose!!! 

Customization is FREE and included with every ShatterBox E-Nail™! 

Once you place your order, send us an email to  shatterboxenail@gmail.com to get your customization process started!


This ShatterBox E-Nail™ Kit comes with the following:

  • ShatterBox E-Nail Controller Box
  • Quartz E-Banger (3mm Extra thick quartz) 
  • 16mm Heating Coil
  • 6-Foot Power Cord
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Instructions
  • Sticker pack w/ 4 ShatterBox E-Nail stickers
  • Fully Customizable wrap for your e-nail
*When using a heating coil on any quartz nail, make sure to remove the coil from the nail before cooling to avoid damage to your quartz nail!*

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