Quartz Fusion Nail

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Introducing the Quartz Fusion Nail!!

Enjoy the best of both worlds! 2 quartz and 1 titanium interchangeable dishes are included along with male and female adaptors. These adaptors make the Quartz Fusion nail universally compatible with 14mm and 18mm fittings in male as well as female. 

You can add a flat heating coil and/or carb cap in the drop down menu...


  • Quartz Fusion Nail
  • 2x Quartz Deep Dish
  • 1x Titanium Deep Dish
  • 14mm/18mm Male Adaptor
  • 14mm/18mm Female Adaptor

Optional add-ons in drop down menu:

  • Flat Heating Coil
    • XLR = ShatterBox Custom
    • Mini XLR = ShatterBox v2
  • Fusion Carb Cap