Titanium ShatterBox v2 Enail Kit

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The Titanium ShatterBox E-Nail is built for daily use and travel. It is easy to maintain and heavily durable. Featuring an interchangeable titanium dish, you can easily swap it out for a new one or add a quartz dish to pair with it and enjoy the best of both worlds. Controlling the temperature of your titanium enail just got a whole lot easier! Set your desired temp and enjoy all day!

    The ShatterBox v2 Enail controller box is now more customizable than ever! Choose the color of the body, logo and bottom of your 3d printed enail box! The v2 has all the same power and functionality as the ShatterBox Custom, but in a smaller package 1/3rd the side. The v2 fits in the palm of your hand and weighs in at just over 4oz. Perfect for travel and comes fully calibrated to display the dish temp. instead of the thermocouple inside the coil. Dialing in your perfect temp. has never been so easy!! 



    • ShatterBox v2 Enail Controller Box
    • Titanium Nail
    • 1x Titanium Dish
    • 14/18mm Male and Female Adaptors
    • Titanium Carb Cap
    • Flat Heating Coil
    • 6-Foot Power Cord
    • 2 Year Hassle-Free Warranty
    • Stickers

    (Box Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.5")


    Made in Atlantic Beach, Florida USA

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